Soft Shadows are not considered when the game is built

Hello there!

I have a problem with the soft shadows but I can’t seem to find anyone else who has it, so here I am asking:
I have a game still in its first stages, and I am making a demo to test it out.
In unity my project looks fine, soft shadows is enabled and it makes a good looking shadow on the ground.
But when I build the game, it seems like it’s not considered at all, and just uses regular, sharp and jiggling shadows.
I tried to play with the bias in the light, and with the shadows cascades, but it seems nothing is working at all.
I’ll attach you some photos, hoping someone knows a solution for this, because it’s driving me crazy.

The first one is unity, and the second one is the build on steam.

These are the settings I played with the most, but clearly nothing here is the solution.