Softbody mesh working weird when attached to chain (using obi rope and obi sofbody)

I am using unity 2021.3.1f1 on Windows 10, the assets used are ObiRope and ObiSoftbody. I am trying to use obi softbody and obi ropes together but the mesh is getting weird. Basically I have a chain attached to a stand gameObjet and a punchingBag gameObject, this setup working fine but whenever I add softbody component to the punchingBag it either starts moving on it’s own weirdly or it becomes a puddle of mesh and fals into the ground.

Here is a drive folder with inspector screenshots, a video showing the problem in play mode: PlaymodeProblemDemostrantion.mp4 - Google Drive

I’ve also attached screenshots bellow. If you need more info let me know. Thank you in advance.

Edit: So I’ve enabled Shape Matching on the Obi Solver component ( and it solved the puddle of mesh, but the bag still spins uncontrollable on itself like if something was pulling the chain around.

Here is a video exampling it: