Softimage animation import Problems

Hello, we're using XSI for modeling and animating our WIP, we have successfuly imported our models, with uvs and textures embedded via FBX, just having some scale issues, but that's easy to solve. The problem is that when we import the same models but with some animation, they appear rotated, and the deformations of the bones don't work properly.

Are there any known axis issues? Any ideas or advice for exporting animations from softimage to unity via FBX?

Thanks in advance.

Just because the .fbx file comes into Unity with incorrect rotations, deformations, etc...doesn't mean the animation won't work.

The 3D model should return to it's true state when you actually play the game. And yes, it's because of Unity's x y z axis being dramatically different than all the other 3D apps. They should fix it imo.

how you have exported the animation from softimage? have you animated the character or have you plotted the animations? thank you!

Here is our current workflow for characters from Softimage to Unity. Pulling this from memory so bear with me

  • Animate, Create, Character, Biped Guide
  • Default Settings
  • Align guide to character
  • Create, Character, Rig from Biped Guide
  • Shadow Rig Tab select SI|3D
  • Delete Biped Guide
  • Select Character
  • Deform, Envelope, Set Envlope, Yes
  • Pick entire root Shadow Rig
  • Weightmap and Animate Character
  • Middle Click Shadow Biped
  • Click Select, Select Child Nodes
  • Tools, Plot, All Transformations
  • Check box for Enable Fit Plotted Values
  • Select Shadow Rig and Select, Select Child nodes, Remove constraints on Shadow Rig
  • Lower spine and next, CRTL+R and change IK to FK blending
  • Export, FBX, Select Remove Camera and Lights

I have create a sigle square mesh (2 triangles), then I created a Null (center of universe at 0,0,0 on softimage). I make a child of this null another null that I will use as a deformer (bone). so I translate this “bone”, plot the animation. Select the Center of universe null, plus this other null (bone) with plotted animation to export as fbx.
Unity doesn´t recieve any animation.
I checked the .fbx file containing the animation with Autodesk quicktime addon to read .fbx files. It shows animation.

Conclusion: there´s something weird about this workflow. I can export bone animations pose constraining correctly, but not nulls…
Any ideas how to send animation THATS NOT BONE ANIMATION to unity?