Software licensing

Licensing query, I know very little about development requirements.

I'm looking to purchase Unity 3d as a development tool so that we can develop iPad versions of our literature in house. We have 6 developers who all work remotely and on separate machines, for confidentiality reasons the developers dont know how many other developers are working on any given project so I cant consult them on how many licences are required.

The development branch is considered an outsource contractor.

My question is this: How many and what version of each licence is needed to develop iPad Apps for publication on the app store? Do i need Unity pro + Unity iOS pro for each developer? Also, some of my developers need to work on different machines, does each machine need both licences?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you for your time and input.


If I'm understanding this correctly, it's kind of absurd you're required to buy licenses without knowing the number of people you are buying them for.

Regardless, the Unity license is per developer indvidual so you will need to purchase one license for each person using the Pro version regardless of how many computers you are using (The license itself allows two installs without an e-mail to CS)

If you are developing for iOS you do need the Unity Pro and Unity Pro iOS license (although this is more of a legal consideration than a technical one.)

It sounds to me like you might have unique needs, you should e-mail Unity licensing here: