"Soldier" and "Terrorist" animated characters

"Soldier" and "Terrorist" - 2 low poly game ready characters in FBX format.

Characters are animated and checked in Unity. You need just drop it into you assets directory.

Details are here:

Animations previews are here:

Buying directly from me gets 30% discount.

Thank you, guys.


textures could do with work, just because there lowpoly doesn’t mean there low detail mate.

Agreed, the textures could be improved considerably and with a couple of well detailed normal maps would really help to hide the low polycount.

Thank you!

Hm… Maybe not so considerably :). Actually this models for RTS game view stile so the looks pretty nice. Dot’t think someone will use normal maps for RTS or I-phone game. For something like this:

Doesn’t it work?
More then this, I think its mistake trying to make model that will fit every game. :slight_smile:

doesn’t matter what game its for, always strive for the best you can do with the polys and the texture rez you have at your disposable, down to each pixel and every vert. Besides Unity is multiplatform thats what makes it great, so to make your models great they need to be good enough to play in FP but low enough resources to be considered for RTS most of the time u just half the map sizes when u want to do stuff like RTS the detail was once there i can assure you.

Hm… Sounds great! I agree with you… Partiality…

This models not fit qualaty of AAA game. It was done 6 yeas ago in 2-3 days including animations. But since that time many people found these models suitable for their projects and bought it. Even more times then much more beautiful models that I have.

How you can explain it? :slight_smile:

Those characters are ok, I was really interested, but when I saw the price i gave up.
Its really expensive, for that work.
There are (at unity asset store) good animated models for $25...

Sorry about the criticism, but I really get surprice with this price.

Thank you, Sputnicker.

You are right. But buying from me you will have 2 these characters for $38 USD and one you can buy for $24. I am giving 30% discount, as I mentioned in the first post.

The price is terrible. On asset store you can get un-animated characters for free, and then buy 1 anim set that fits them all. Really bump down the price. This is a ripoff.

Can you link example, please? Tried to find this asset store and couldn’t. Do I need any additional program to enter it or any other trick?

Open Unity (the program, not the website), hit ctrl +9

Thank you bradjensen68. :slight_smile:

For 2dfxman1

I took a quick look on assets story. I think $38 USD for 2 my characters is completely ok. You don’t need to go and find animation packages, which may not fit you character rig. Here all are in, lopped adjusted and works together fine.

Just drop it into you assets folder and you have it. So I am sorry, but this is the price.

How much if we buy from u?

As I already mentioned in my first post $38 USD.

ok saw it after i posted lol..

The price is good I guess. Nice work. I wont buy though, Im a modeler myself.

38 bucks is a ripoff? For two custom animated characters. You guys are scary. If the talented amongst us continue to put out assets for game devs at the Asset Store and get greeted with this kind of miasma and what amounts to free handouts I imagine the quality and amount of assets available will not be rapidly growing. 38 bucks is 12 bucks less than that I would charge somebody one hour of contract work. I may suggest instead of pissing in folks cornflakes you just got get those free models and foot the bill for the animations and leave the venom for those well deserving of it… Just look at the news if you are bereft of targets.

Best Regards

I'm going to have to concur with Mister Hogwash. The attitudes we're seeing on this forum of late are going to kill the Asset Store stone dead or at the very least, drag the quality down so low as to make it worthless. We don't seem to see the same attitudes when people sell code for $50, $100 or even more. Whether you like it or not, good artists are in greater demand and shorter supply than good programmers - and I speak as a freelance programmer, so I ought to know.

All the "change this", "change that", "it's not worth $5" reminds me of the guys on the App Store who post "Hey, add another thirty levels, online multiplayer, achievements and another three playable characters and I would pay $0.99 for this."

Yeah, sure, I'll get right on that.

I'll 3rd Hogwash/Sybixsus - one the of pulls to Unity3D in general (for me at least) has been a supportive and positive community.

I've also purchased these models from the OP and they aided me greatly in cutting my teeth on dealing with animations and character setup/control, pretty darned cheap way to get to see something come together for you in Unity3D without having to pay a ton of cash.

If you know of someone banging out AAA models with a nice set of animations at $19 a pop - let me know, I've got a lot of work for them.