Solution for character controller(2D Game)

Trying to create 2D runner and I faced a problem. So, my character just runs and has a posibility to jump over the pit and, if the pit is too wide, player has to switch the road. I don’t know how to implement this mechanics. To make runner with one road is pretty simple: just create empty with BoxCollider2D, add Physics2D component to player and write simple script. It can be found on YouTube and in Unity Learn sources. But creating with 2 roads there appear some problems. Collider for the top road doesn’t allow move character to another road. Adding Kinemaic property to character’s Physics complicates jump mecanics. Do you have some ideas? Thank you in advance. There is concept of the game in picture below.

Disable the collider that’s in the way. Enable the other one. Go back and forth as needed.