solution for long simple animation?

i use animation to rotate gears(about 10~20).
but the problem is animation file size gets too large. and i have lot of animation by time to rotate.
is there any way to size down the animations? there should be because its really simple animation. just too long…

or would it be fine to use corutine or update for rotation effect??
i’m afraid it would screw the performance.

tell me your opinion or other solutions.!!

Your question is a bit ambiguous. Can you try to explain the problem more clearly?

It seems like you should just be animating the rotation property of the transform component for each gear object. This should be a really simple animation: just two key frames, and then loop your animation. There shouldn’t be any issue with the file size of the animation.

When you inspect your animation, is the “Loop Time” checkbox checked? You can create one rotation and loop it instead of creating a very long animation with many rotations. See Animation Loop - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions for more.