Solution that will help understand how the project works?

Few days ago, I’ve got a big, half-done project (again).

Having spent hours of trying to understand what the project is about and how the things are related with each other, I told myself that there should be some effective solution for this.

  • On AssetStore, I found RelationshipInspector, but it seems to be way too complex for me
  • Also, I tried Unity Editor Find Dependencies feature, but it wasn’t that useful.


That was exactly the same reason we created our own solution. Basically, it made the opposite thing to Unity Editor “Select Dependencies” feature - Find Usages.
Yet few months after, it underwent major transformation and is now capable to:

  • show particular fields that are using the asset (both Project and Scene searches available)
  • demonstrate results in a separate window
  • replace particular asset usage with another
  • bring you simple interface so you can start right after an import

It saved us days of ineffective work on a new project. Hope you’ll love it too!