solve merge conflict in unity collab

so i got a merge conflict because a team member got diferent versions of 400 files i also got
from the collab window i can select to use their version file by file
there is any way i can grab the 400 files at once insted of doing it so slowly?

I’ve had this problem many times.

There should be an option in the collab menu to replace all conflicts. If you can’t see it, try restarting unity.

Something that may help is to unlink the project and then link it back up again. You can do this in services:

1: Select “I already have a Unity Project ID”

Choose your team, and the project using the dropdown menus.


Then try updating again, and see if it fixes the error.

Otherwise, you may have to redownload the project. Make sure you have meta files enabled and then try deleting the ‘library’ and ‘temp’ folders and regenerating the project. If not, just delete everything and redownload the project from the cloud.

The collab service is in beta right now, and these bugs and glitches turn up all the time. This may not be final time this happens to you, and on occasion these problems can fix themselves.

My advice with working on projects using Unity Collab is to always make sure you have a backup file of your project in a .zip somewhere, just in case things go very bad.

Good luck!