[Solved] Asset Store Madness 'compile' link.


There is currently a big sale on many products. Is there a link that summarizes all the products in a single page ?. A sort sort of 'Ultimate Madness link'?


Edit. Solved here :


Yeah, I worry that there are so many gems that I didn't know I needed on sale and hidden on the masses of AS pages. A compiled list would be very useful and probably help developers sell more.

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Yeah I've been looking as well, otherwise everything will be just as it's always been - hidden lol.

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There're still many categories with assets on sale that are not exposed on the front page.
You can to click on the publisher name though and see what he/she has on sale.

Looks like the number of included assets is bigger than the past sales.

Sometimes when Unity has a sale it takes them a few hours or even a day to get their marketing coordinated.

As I was typing this I checked the asset store again and it looks like they've updated the hero banner with links to sales items by section of the store:

Biggest Sale Ever - Scripts
Biggest Sale Ever - Audio
Biggest Sale Ever - 3D Models
Biggest Sale Ever - Textures

I wonder if Editor Tools will be part of that.

They definitely are.

If you go to the main page of the Editor Extensions section, you'll see a number of assets on sale.

Same is true for other sections like Particle Systems and Shaders.

They just haven't posted those section list yet.

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Yes, but there are still developers missing from those lists. I know because some of them are my friends. :) So I suggest still looking through the files. Also, some of them on my wishlist which showed up in my mail are not on these lists either.


Oooof, that nottorus discount comes at the worst time. I'd easily have bought it if I didn't just make a major purchase.

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Not complete. Have a look to : https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/search/page=1/sortby=relevance/query=cgpitbull .

That's what led me to create the subject. Several CGPitbull models were in my wishlist, so I received an alert ..

These packs are not present in your '3D Models' previous link.

They probably aren't going to have a complete list, there are tons of assets in this sale.

You're probably best off just searching for things you want and seeing if they're on sale, rather than scrubbing through the 'stuff on sale' list that is normally provided.

Honestly, this is a horrible situation.

For asset purchasers, it's basically impossible to see everything that's on sale. I've tried paging through the 3D models section, sorted by name, and the list is inconsistent if I page forward and backward. So, I'm not getting to see every asset.

For asset sellers, there's just not enough exposure, which is the entire point of discounting the price of your asset.


Agreed. That said I simply visited my Wish List, noticed there were two of the entries on sale, and bought them.

Oh, I've done that. My credit card is begging for mercy.

But there are so many other assets that I didn't know about, which are now on sale... and the exposure is poor.

As with past sales, I think Unity will get their marketing together over the next day and then we'll get a better handle on things.

If we're lucky one day they will get their web development together and create a page that lists every current sale. Clearly the system is already able to identify that an asset is on sale or it wouldn't display the little flare that it does. Unless it genuinely takes their system this long to generate the list of assets in which case there is something seriously wrong with their system.


Is there a notice somewhere where it says how much longer this sale will be on?

Originally I saw a notice saying "13 days," but they changed the displays, so I no longer see any countdown anywhere. Am I just missing it?

Ugh, this has been a very disorganized sale. I love the idea...but...some developers stuff is not showing on the official drop downs. Some categories are missing from the dropdowns. There are 500+ pages on the asset store just in models and I grew tired of looking at each page very quickly...and my hands hurt.

They say 13 days and then take it away and there are hints that a second wave is coming. So...if we spend all our money on the first wave because are afraid the current assets on sale will be taken off, then we will have nothing to spend on the second wave...and those asset developers will suffer.

My plan it to get the ones I really want now but there are a few that are interesting but not must haves now. So I will skip those. Unfortunately, only a few devs will feel my generosity though...lol...and gratitude. Sorry about the great stuff I missed. :( Rest assured if I still want it, I will probably get it eventually.

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Two waves? I haven't seen anything about that. Perhaps the 2nd wave will be in a few months?

It would be great if there was notice of a deadline somewhere. Because there are so many things for me to buy, and limited money, I'm counting on taking some time to narrow it down. If I'm running out of time, it would be good to know that. ;)

I was under the impression that the two waves was during this few days. At least that's what I understood from the email I got.

It says "The sale will run in two waves — assets may be included in one or both at our discretion."
The sale is this Madness sale, so I'd rightly so assume that half way between between the 17th and 30th they will change to the second wave.

The sale is from 17th - 30th which is 14 (if you assume the 31st) is the last day it will actually run before they can close it all out), so divide that by (2), which is 7(d)-7(d)
(7 days for first wave, 7 days for second wave).
Or if they mean it on a technical level and literally close it off on midnight on the 30th then that would be 6.5(d) - 6.5(d).
So somewhere in the middle of the day during the 6th day it will cross over to the second wave.