[Solved ]Can you serialize a private keycode?

How do i set a private serialized KeyCode that i would like to make changeable in the inspector. is that possible? its telling me to “Use TextAreaDrawer with string” where the drop down should be, all other variable seem to be serializing and displaying on the inspector as they should it gives me 1 repeated exception error, but that’s because i’m not using that method above…, but not the 1 KeyCode test button… When i search up that method on google it always wants to add a space to it… its one word in the inspector… should i just make it public? I’d rather have a proper answer though. How to i ref the Method where is it and why can i not find it on google?


Edit: spelling.

Haha, solved it myself… There wasn’t anything wrong really… I had an extra attribute I shouldn’t have had… “TextArea(0,2)” above a KeyCode as an attribute… I guess that’s what error you get… non compatible… anyway, looks good now!