(Solved)ConstantForce Probelms

I am using unity 3d and trying to have platforms move, but every time I try to get them to work they keep attaching to each other, which makes them move with both ConstantForce powers added. I’ve tried to keep them from attaching but I couldn’t, so is there any way for them not to use both constant forces and/or just move as 1 solid piece?

@wail13 , it’s hard to imagine gameobjects “attaching to each other” - your phrasing could be interpreted in different ways.

If you apply the same force in the same direction to two objects, they will move in the same direction at the same rate, and if they are not already touching they will not appear to “attach to each other”, unless you have other forces acting on them that somehow bring them together. But even then, they are not “attached.”

If you create a parent object and make your two platforms children of that, you can apply the force to the parent.