[SOLVED] Download movie using WWW and play using Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie does not work on iOS but works on Android

I am downloading a video from web using WWW.
Then I save the file using:

path = Application.persistentDataPath + "/" + filename;
File.WriteAllBytes(path, www.bytes);

It works well in both android and ios devices.
Then I use the same path to play the video:

Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie(path, Color.black, FullScreenMovieControlMode.Full, FullScreenMovieScalingMode.AspectFill);

In Android the video plays normally, but in iOS the player opens and closes in less than one sec.
How can I download this video, save in the device memory, and then play de fullscreen video from memory?

I solved the problem! When useing Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie on iphone you need to use “file://” before the path.

And I’ve just confirmed that subfolders won’t work. You need to dump your movies into the root folder.

At the time this bug was created trying to view a movie contained in a subfolder did not work. Verified by checking “FileExists()” and downloading app device image showing working file.
Also tested using one version of code which saved same movie file with the file path with the filename concatenated to place the movie file at the root.
We were using code to generate a folder structure which was working for other media, like Jpgs, so Directory.CreateDirectory() was working properly for displaying that media, just not movie files.

Now, maybe it’s fixed at this point, but at the time it definitely wasn’t working.