[SOLVED] duplicated class when building

Hi everyone and first of all, sorry for my english.

I made an educative Maths teaching app, i wanted to publish it on Google Play Store, i started with an asset called easy mobile pro and everything worked well, i published it for testing purpose ans tried it, everything worked , i even added AdMob , analytics and play services .

Then i wanted to add mic functionnalities ( essentially speech recognition stuff) , other things i found in another asset called Android Ultimate plugin, i installed it from the asset store and then i did what was written on the readme File and added several .aar files in the android plugins folder.

Since this done, i can’t build anymore, i get an error " Execution failed for task ‘:launcher:checkReleaseDuplicateClasses’" details are in the log txt file joined.

Before posting this , i went to other threads in this forum or others and i tried :

  • Force resolve with android dependencies manager.
  • Go to folder plugins and check files with same names ( nothing appeared t o me) .
  • Delete Library folder and restart.
  • enable custom gradle and custom proguard files .

Nothing helped me to resolve the problem , so please thanks a lot in advance to help me resolve this .

i solved this issue ,

Basically i deleted every .aar file in plugin directory and reimport the asset without any asset, then i added manually plugins needed for my project and i disabled Minify R8 release in publishing settings, now everything works fine.

In case it can help …