[SOLVED] Dynamic batching doesn't work when using "Standard" shader. Can someone explain why ?


I tried to dynamically batch some objects that have less than 300 verts and tris and the objects do not batch when they have the standard shader on them. When using unlit mobile shader dynamic batching works fine. Why is this happening ?
If you know why please reply.

Thank you,

With the Standard shader, you’ve got yet another set of verts involved for the lighting data so the actual limit drops even further to 225 verts. Unlit and the old legacy Diffuse don’t have the extra set, which is why they still work okay. As I recall, the hard limit is something like 900 verts, but that gets divided by how many sets (i.e. mesh verts, UV, lighting, etc) you’re using. So for 3 sets of verts it’s 300, and for 4 sets which Standard uses it’s 225.