[Solved] Error: Couldn't open include file 'TMPro_Properties.cginc'

I copied and pasted the TMP_SDF.shader contents into a custom shader file. I got the error:

Shader error in ‘MyCustom/CustomFont/Distance Field Custom’: Couldn’t open include file ‘TMPro_Properties.cginc’. at line 126

so I coped the same thing from here which is basically a dirrect copy of what I did the first time :expressionless:
Same error line 125 :

line 125: #include “TMPro_Properties.cginc”

I am not much of a shaders guy, so thanks in advance to anyone who knows about this error and how to resolve it.

I resolved this by cutting/pasting my copied shader into the

Assets > TextMesh Pro > Shaders

folder. I orginially kept the shaders in my custom shaders directory in Assets.