SOLVED. Fast moving images blurred on iOS. But on Android - not!

We are stack on such problem. We’re making a 2D-game with lots of textures, animations and fast moving camera (SkiSafari - good example as a reference). Target platform - iOS. Yesterday we tested our game on android. The result is surprising… On Android tablets and phones our game works more smoothly then on top iOS devices. The main problem is blurred fast moving images on iOS! On Android devices its okay, its just not blurred…
What could cause such difference?

Objects are moved simply - position.x += vector.destination * Time.deltaTime.
I was trying to use Mathf.RoundToInt - no way, moving those math to FixedUpdate/Update - the same glitch…

Help, people! :slight_smile:

The problem was in framerate on different devices. On android, by default fps tends to be maximum as possible. On iOS - not, 30/40 fps. Adding simple Application.targetFrameRate = 300f solved all problems - everything is smooth.