[SOLVED]Game object disappears when adding animation in timeline,Need help please! Game object disappears when adding animation in timeline

Hi All, first time poster here and looking for some help. I am trying to learn how to create cut-scenes with Unity, and was able to find a tutorial to at least get started but seem to have an issue. I have my game object with an animator component in timeline, and whenever I add the animation my game object disappears from screen.

I am not sure what is causing this, so please let me know if i need more info, wanted to keep it simple to start. Thank you!

*Note: This is using Mecanim animations, the animations are supposed to work with this model, but they are not inherently designed for each other

I’m willing to bet your object isn’t disappearing, but instead is moving far away from where you expect it to be due to the keyframed positions in the animation. Parent the character under a new gameobject, zero out it’s position, and move the parent gameobject to position the character instead.

Thank you so much Ryanmillerca