[Solved] Google Advertising ID permission

I'm using Analytics and IAP, but no Ads.
Still, the AD_ID permission gets added to the manifest for my Google builds.
I've tried to find info on this by searching the forums and the only answers I could find said that Unity does not use the advertising ID for Analytics/IAP, so why is it added in the manifest?
Do I need to change some setting to make it not be added?

Some additional information:
I'm getting this error when uploading an app bundle to Google Play:

This release includes the com.google.android.gms.permission.AD_ID permission but your declaration on Play Console says that your app doesn't use advertising ID.

You must update your advertising ID declaration.

I've found the permission declaration in the following AndroidManifest files, created by Unity:

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This issue has been solved (and was posted in the wrong forum in the first place). Feel free to remove this.

set a portal : https://discussions.unity.com/t/900551

before unity delete this issus, it can still be searched by google.