[SOLVED] Google Sheet Service importer skips keys

Hi! :slight_smile:
I use a google sheet importer to import localization keys, but something about the naming of the keys that mess up the import.
With the following keys and strings, I end up with only the last tier (ending in ā€˜3ā€™). Same applies to all other similarly named keys.
I also tried to replace the number with 'Iā€™s (I, II, III) or use an underscore before the number instead of a space (_1, _2, _3) everything results in the same issue.
Key, String
title_perk_explosive damage 1, Explosive buff I
description_perk_explosive damage 1, Explosive damage is increased by 10%
title_perk_explosive damage 2, Explosive buff II
description_perk_explosive damage 2, Explosive damage is increased by 25%
title_perk_explosive damage 3, Explosive buff III
description_perk_explosive damage 3, Explosive damage is increased by 35%

Many other keys with spaces have no issues, only these where big parts of the keys are similar are breaking.
Anything I missed?

I don't see anything wrong with them. Can you try updating to the latest version of the package 1.4.4?
If it's not visible in the package manager you can edit the manifest.json file in the projects Packages folder.

Were these keys exported to Google or are they newly created ones in the sheet?
Did you copy these fields in the Google sheet? If you did check the Note/Comment field on the Key, it will have a number inside that represents the unique id for this Key, check that this number was not copied over to each field or that would explain why the last value is the only one shown. They all represent the same key, so each one replaces the last, in the order they are processed. Delete the copied notes and a new ID will be assigned when you pull/push.

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Thank you so much. That was exactly it. I created one set of keys, then duplicated it two more times for the later numbers. Which is why it was consistent across these values.
I deleted all the comments and then it worked.

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