[SOLVED] GUI Button Rotate animation Unity 5


I have a small problem with Unity 5 on Windows 10.
For some reason i cannot get any object to rotate (2D).
It works fine in Unity 4 OSX. But on Unity 5 Windows 10 the rotation Value jumps back to zero.

Expected Behavior:

On highlight button should rotate.

Observed Behavior:

Animation data for the Z axis (2d) Goes back to 0.

Screen1: Adding Animation

Screen2: Z data goes back to zero.

Tried so far:


  • Unity 4 OSX - <— This works no

Does not work (Unity 5 W10):

  • Tried removing all animations, and adding new
  • Tried Creating a blank new project, adding the button and animation
  • Tried adding a TextObject, and rotate that
  • Followed a Tutorial from Unity about button Rotation (I might have lost my brains and forgot something, but nope, doing the exact same thing.

Would be nice if someone could shed some light into why?



Solved after alot of fiddling around, guessing.

Adding the Interpolateion → Quaternion when right- clicking the Property in Animation solved the issue.
Never seen it, and never stumbled upon it. Couldn’t sadly see it mentioned anywere. But Probably obvious to the rest of Unity community! :smiley: