[Solved] Help in this script please? Multiplayer AI

I’m trying to use this script in a multiplayer game.
But the enemy only follows if the object name is “(Human).”
And when someone enters the server, gets the name “(clone)”
Someone help?


  var Player : Transform;

    var damp = 2;
    var velocidadePerseguidor = 4;
    function Update(){
      if(Vector3.Distance(Player.position,transform.position) < 20){
       var rotate = Quaternion.LookRotation(Player.position - transform.position);
       transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.rotation, rotate,damp * Time.deltaTime);
       transform.Translate(0,0, velocidadePerseguidor * Time.deltaTime);
      if(Vector3.Distance(Player.position,transform.position) < 2){

Are you saying the only fault is the gameobject’s name? If that is the case you could simply use

gameobject.name = ‘super_cool_name_goes_here’;

With this script, it runs just behind the added object in the variable Player.
And my game is multiplayer …