[Solved] Hololens Windows Store App Error

I'm trying to deploy the tutorial app from holo academy to the device. After building it, Visual Studio gives this error trying to run the app on the device. This is also an issue with


Here's a few specs for the tutorial app:

  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Latest UWA SDK
  • No internet connection on build machine
  • .Net framework 4.6

Can you paste in the Output window spew that the error window refers to?

Here's the build output from the build

3154377--239846--fds.txt (9.82 KB)

"DEP6720: Failed to deploy package 'Core CLR' (E0999A8F-0200-4738-AE1E-B45742BE6B6B). Package is not defined for OneCore."

Do you get this error if you use IL2CPP (Build Settings > Player Settings... > Other Settings > Configuration > Scripting Backend)? And what UWP SDK are you using to build with (listed on the Universal Windows Platform panel of Build Settings, might need to set it to 10.0.14393.0)?

I changed the .net framework to 2.0 subset and the target sdk to 14393.

After trying to deploy, the same pop-up comes up.

The build output is included

EDIT: I forgot to mention that i'm using Unity 5.6.2

3156983--240132--fds.txt (411 Bytes)

That looks like the deployment succeeded. There should now be an Origami app on your device.

the app has been properly deployed. I went from 5.6 to 2017 and that seems to have resolved the issue.

VS 2017 is NOT compatible with 5.6 on the deployment