[SOLVED] How do i fix 2D character bumping on tile collider2D edges??

So, i’m coding all the movement mechanics of a 2D platformer, i’m using rigidbody and velocity(i made almost everything using velocity). Everything is running smoothly, altough my character keeps bumping while walking, i guess thats the edges of my individual tiles colliding with my character capsule collider and ramping him up.

I increased the sprint speed a lot so its easy to notice whats happening, note that im not jumping at any moment, i am just moving right and left and this bumping happens.


I read somewhere that to fix it i gotta use EdgeColliders, but that means i have to hand draw my entire tilemap collider.

i need help fixing this, im stuck cause of this little thing, that breaks my entire movement.

After a day trying a lot of stuff, i found something quick and easy, that worked.

-attach a CompositeCollider2D to your tilemap.

-check Used By Composite on your TilemapCollider2D.

-as the CompositeCollider creates a Rigidbody by default, just make sure to make it static or work your constraints, otherwise your tilemap can fall or rotate in runtime.