[SOLVED]How do I get rid of these strange holes in my objects?

I’ve searched for a fix to this issue but all I have found is to either set the mesh renderer to cast two-sided shadows, or to check that the polygons of my models are welded together properly but neither of these explanations helped.

I have created my character model in C4D and exported as an .FBX, and the other model was created in MagicaVoxel editor and exported as a .OBJ and both models show these weird lines where the shadow isn’t being cast.

Image for a more useful look:

I maybe found a solution for you

go to your “directional Light” and under light go to “shadow type” select “soft shadow” and slide “normal bias” all the way to the left (0) and finally set “bias” to 0.1 if I’m right you don’t have those strange holes any more