[SOLVED]How do you Instantiate an image on a canvas and make it fit the canvas?

I’m trying to Instantiate a new canvas with a blank black image on it and would like the image to fit the canvas. This it simply for a fade image if it is missing in a scene, I’m trying to make it so the fade image always exists, but is set active or dis active when i need to. if the object goes missing for w.e ever reason i’d like it to make a new one just like it. would it be easier to just load a prefab instead? because right now i’m trying to load the image i want from resources by a public string variable (location pre-coded just need Image Name), then I’m creating a new canvas, instantiating the image on the new canvas, and setting the canvas to DontDestroyOnLoad, changing its name and tag so i can call it easier later. Only issue is the Image is default size and in center of screen. center is good But i’m brain farting on how to move and resize the image via code and not in the editor. I’d also like the canvas to resize with the screen size matching at 1920X1080p. Hope this isn’t too confusing. it really should be quite simple to do, though a prefab may be easier.

Good day.

I think easiest solution is to have a canvas (with the black image as child) stored as a prefab and with a specific tag, for example “BlackImage”

Then, in the DontDestroyOnLoad script, chick if there if

if (GameObject.FindObjectWithTag("BlackImage") == null)
//Instantiate the Canvas prefab