[Solved]How to change camera perspective ?

Hi everyone.
I want to use some difficult camera, but i don’t know how to get it. Below is an image of camera that i want. I want to change camera perspective coordinates without changing clipping plane coordinates.

I finally found how to do that. If someone needs it here is code.

public float horizObl = 0;
public float vertObl = 0;
void LateUpdate()

        SetObliqueness(horizObl, vertObl);

    void SetObliqueness(float horizObl, float vertObl)
        Matrix4x4 mat = Camera.main.projectionMatrix;
        mat[0, 2] = horizObl;
        mat[1, 2] = vertObl;
        Camera.main.projectionMatrix = mat;


You can change horizObl , and vertObl for your needs