[SOLVED] How to change the Unity Terrain Base Shader?

I have rewritten the First Pass Shader of the Unity terrain, so it does the whole texture calculation on the GPU, which is necessary because we want a procedural terrain, and it took 2 seconds on the CPU.
I have

    		Dependency "AddPassShader" = "Nature/Terrain/AddPass"
    		Dependency "BaseMapShader" = "Nature/Terrain/Base"


Shader "Nature/Terrain/Base" {

but it does nothing.
Thanks in advance

Edit: I tested if the terrain uses my shader with
o.Albedo = 1 - which should result in a grey terrain, but it still has it’s texture on the surface.

I think that´s what you´re looking for

1Go to your terrain settings

2Select the desired shader or material

Ok it works, I just had to restart my PC, sorry