[Solved] How to correctly use TrailRenderer.GetPositions

Good day.

I tried various combinations and i cant find the correct way to write it… I need to extract all the points of a trail that has been rendered. To store them and use it in other things.

I’m trying this, but its not correct:

Vector3[] TrailRecorded = GetComponent<TrailRenderer>().GetPositions();

But as i see, the GetPositions return an integrer… so im little confused. some help?

Thanks and Bye!

This functions fills an array that you give as parameter, and returns the number of elements that were put in it.
This is a more optimized way than returning an array, because it doesn’t require allocating new memory space.

Here is how you should use it:

const int MAX_POSITIONS = 100;
Vector3[] TrailRecorded = new Vector3[MAX_POSITIONS];

void YourFunction ()
   int numberOfPositions = GetComponent<TrailRenderer>().GetPositions (TrailRecorded);

Then you can use the numberOfPositions first elements in TrailRecorded as needed. The other elements are either empty or out-of-date.