[Solved] How to move the camera in the forward axis

Hi, im working in a multitarget tracking system for my camera, the camera is looking 60 degrees down, and then i want to move the camera along the blue axis like you do in the editor if you drag the blue arrow, with this i achieve the camera zooming in and out, but i want to do this by code, using the distance between the 2 players as the value to determine how far back the camera must be along the blue axis.

here are 2 pictures to help ilustrate

zoom in when the players are close

zoom out as the players separate

I found out, it was very simple, take into account that i use local position because the camera is mounted on a rig object, the rig is what moves, not the camera itself.

    private void Update()
        Vector3 averagepositionBetweenTargets = new Vector3();
        averagepositionBetweenTargets += (targetA.position + targetB.position) / 2;
        averagepositionBetweenTargets.y = 0f;
        desiredCameraPosition = averagepositionBetweenTargets;
        distanceBetweenTargets = Vector3.Distance(targetA.position, targetB.position);
        Vector3 newCameraForward = riggedCamera.transform.forward * distanceBetweenTargets;
        riggedCamera.transform.localPosition = -newCameraForward;

    private void FixedUpdate()
        transform.position = desiredCameraPosition;