[SOLVED] How to solve a shared Navmesh baked data between scenes?

Apparently both NavMeshes are linked somehow. A NavMesh bake overrides the previous baked avmesh from another scene.

Bug Video

Can’t solve this, I need help.

I’ve tried to delete the cached NavMesh asset from project and regenerate

Deleted all NavMesh data through script

Tried to manually set another fileID to the navmesh

Tried deleting a scene and copying components to a new scene

Tried creating a new project

Ended up solving it.

There’s an option in the project settings called “Enter Play Mode” it makes your game load faster into play mode in exchange for some data reloading.

One of the things it doesn’t reload is static variables (unless told with an argument). All Navmesh data is stored in a static class, therefore it won’t update automatically with this feature enabled.

That’s why if you encounter that problem make sure you have either “Enter Play Mode” to false or that Unity updated their navigation classes and added the Runtime attribute that updates its values.