[SOLVED]How to use attributes from array of custom class instances?

Hey guys,
well it seems that I moved on but I dont understand how to access to instances of the class. I will explain.

public Waves[] LevelName = new Waves[3];

This creates 3 instances of class Waves, I can see them in the inspector so it means I can work with them and edit them but what if I want to display the name on the player’s screen of first instance (wave) how to approach it ?


Or if I want to spawn a unit that inherits attributes from wave. e.g. I want to spawn unit that gets hp, armor, movespeed and model from instance (certain wave) and simultaneously display on the screen the name of level (attribute of wave). Is there a way how to do it please?

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class NewSpawnScript : MonoBehaviour {

	public enum ArmorType {unarmored, light, medium, heavy}

	public class Waves {

		public string waveName;
		public int numberOfUnits;
		public GameObject model;
		public int hp;
		public ArmorType armor;
		public int movespeed;

	public Waves[] LevelName = new Waves[3];



Solution was quite simple I was using wrong typed command, thats why it didnt work. For other people usage: e.g.


If you want the instancing to happen s the result of settings in the editor and not at run time, you need to make a custom inspector.

See http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/modules/intermediate/editor/building-custom-inspector