[SOLVED] Huge terrains: how about player's coordinates precision?


I browsed several discussions about huge terrains (mine idea is an aviasim, e.g. 5000x5000km), and found out that:

It is recommended to create a tiled land of several terrains,
while activating only these tiles where the player is present.

That’s okay, so far (boring, but surmountable).

But terrain tiles cannot be farther than 100km from the Centre of the World. Because float numeric precision will surely destroy game physics/mechanics thus far.

How can I develop a flight simulator when I it is not recommended to fly farther than 100km?

Should I teleport player to 0.0.0 every time he approaches a next country (i’m afraid the app would freeze while reloading lands)?

Or scale aircrafts down to 1:10000000000 (i’suppose that physx will be distorted beyond reasonable affairs)?

Or What?

Thank you!

Its called a floating origin. Search the forums, there have been plenty of discussions on it.