[Solved]Lighting Job Process using 100% CPU? (Unity 5.1)

I have searched high and low for an answer on this issue, and can’t find one, so I figured a post here would help.

Basically, anytime I begin to give shape to my terrain, the “job” process begins for lighting and has to go through and bake the map. I had the lighting set as default “realtime”, and heard that can cause high CPU usage, so I switched to “baked”.

It seems to get worse as I move towards mountains that have been textured, ramping up the demand in the job process and overall leaving my CPU at 100%.

Apologies in advance if I am not using the right terminology here, but is there a way to decrease the job process demand for the directional lighting on my terrain so I am not always sitting at 100%?

Edit: I seemed to have found the issue, and that was changing the directional lighting to “baked”, and reducing the intensity of the overall lighting. Adjusting settings down some seemed to do the trick, seeing as the job process is going to be there either way. Weird that I can run any game fine, but Unity just loves keeping my CPU nice n warm lol.

This may not exactly be what you’re looking for but I thought I’d at least mention it. All I had was a terrain on the scene and my cpu was running near 100%. My computer should be far more than capable of handling this so I ignored that possibility. I noticed something that helped while tinkering around. Select the terrain, go to terrain settings, scroll down to Lighting (under Height Map), expand lighting, and deselect Lightmap Static. This made my computer very happy as the image shows. Hopefully this helps you guys.