[SOLVED] my project builld cannot recognize dll on non-unity-installed environment!

I just built my project and sent to my customer’s pc.

and they said it doesn’t work.

For some of experiments, I finally found out this build makes DllNotFoundException ONLY for environment where Unity editor is not installed.

Actually, I’m also considering matter of .Net 4.5> or else.

Please help! This problem is very urgent and I believe there’s better way than suggesting unity editor on their PCs.

I tried several things over the night, I found:

  • Deleted Unity Editor from Development PC → Works Well (Editor does not affect this)
  • Installed Build Settings(Mono, IL2CPP, .Net) only → Not Working (Build settings also don’t)
  • Installed Visual Studio via Unity Installer after upper case-> Works Well (This is it!)

So, I finally found out that DllNotFoundException can be solved by Visual Studio.
Yet, I don’t know why but maybe some fundamental frameworks or libraries that is included in VS is required to let unity build to recognize plugins.