(Solved) No collisions detected in scene

So I recently posted a question asking for help with a collider on one object not showing up in the debug.log, but it doesn’t work on any objects on the scene. The collision happens, but it doesn’t show up in the console-window.

I have OnCollisionEnter with

Debug.Log (collider.gameObject.name);
Debug.Log (“Objectname hit”);

on several objects, but none of them are detected. Why?

Not sure if this will help, I take it you want the Block Script to display the message?

If so, try this…

 void OnCollisionEnter2D(Collision2D col) {
     Debug.Log (col.gameObject.name);
            //GameManager.score += points;
     Destroy (gameObject);


I dont find oncollision functions accurate myself. So instead use collider.bounds.Intersacts hope i wrote it correct from my mind. This is much more accurate.