[Solved (+/-)] on Physics again, custom object falls through terrain


  1. Unity 4.6.03f
  2. Custom object (a sword) exported in FBX
    with Mesh Collider with Convex checked
    with RigidBody with Use Gravity
  3. Box used as floor with Box Collider (is trigger unchecked)
  4. Terrain
  5. Fixed Timestep 0.01

the sword fall through boxes and terrain … and I’m lost D:

box (floor) is 100 x 1 x 100
I’ve tryed to add a Box Collider to the sword, but it still fall on the floor O.o

I’ve also made some tests with primitive, cube, cylinder… and the primitive are fine, just the imported objects fail.

I’ve checked the mesh in 3DS Max, and the vertices are welded, so the polygons are correctly “closed”

My sword with the physics component is parented to another object which is coming from PlyGame.
Well, I should think first about it, but testing the sword alone everything is fine, while once it is parented with “Item” script the physics will be come ignored… or at least looks like so.

By the way, at this point I should investigate somewhere else.

Thank you for the support :slight_smile:

Make sur it is not triggered