[Solved]Particle Systems effect : not the same in EditMode and RunMode

Hi everybody, I’m trying to make a simple firework with Unity, using Particle Systems
Here my steps:

  • create a “parent” ParticleSystems.
  • create another “child” ParticleSystem to be used as a trail of each parent particles.

In EditMode
Everything look good, each parent particles has a trail.
But, when I press Play (RunMode) the trail not follow parent particle like in EditMode, they concentrate in the center of mass, see image below:

I’ve attach my project in attachment (testparticlesystem.zip (37.8 kB)).
Does anyone have experience on this?
Did I forget to config something? or this is a Unity’s bug?
Thanks in advance

When you run your application, hold “alt” as you launch it, check to make sure you are using the highest quality settings. You can also change the default quality in the unity settings to use “fantastic” as default.

Aha, Finally, I’ve found the reason why it didn’t work !!!
Because the Max Particles of the Trail particle system, at first I was set it down to 100, because I think each trail just need maximum 100 particles, But now, I found that : in RunMode this number will be the max particle of ALL TRAIL , so I set it much more ten times, and the problems solved.