[SOLVED] Pixelated edges on sprite?

Mr.Hal was right, after using the suggested import settings Eric5h5 shared and testing on a retina device, I confirm that the problem is with the Unity preview window and I can’t base the final result quality off of it.

Hi there,

The following is a triangle sprite exported from vector creation software, when exported the edges are smooth. When I import the sprite into unity for use, the edges are pixelated.

I would like smooth crisp edges.

Sprite texture size before placing in unity is a png 960x960.

alt text

I have tried smaller and larger sizes, all are pixelated when imported into unity as a sprite.

How can I fix this?

Anti-aliasing will do nothing since that only affects polygon edges. You should use a higher resolution for the sprite texture.

Try making a mesh for this, Shouldn’t be hard to make in a program like Blender or 3DS max. To get those crisper edges you would still need antialiasing but at least it would be much more smoother. Also check to see if anybody made a plug-in for this “Vector creation” app or script somewhere that will convert vector art to a obj file or something.