[Solved]Pooling activate lag spike

I’m using advanced pooling system free plugins for unity which seem simple but basically doing a ‘unlimited runner’ where i pool sections with traps ad such in a prefab, seems it the pooling system works fine, but for some reason im getting big lag spike when enabled a section even with a few objects inside maybe 200verts each only, lag can be up to a seconds on mobile but still noticeable on pc which shouldnt be there, not using unity pro*


even if i manually enable a section in game there’s also lag so any ideas why this would occur for, not many models, low verts, on a good pc, basic shaders(only 25 draw calls in that area) :confused:
also disabled all script that might have cause problems

:confused: just realized i’ve been getting this error

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
PoolingSystem.InstantiateAPS (System.String itemType, Vector3 itemPosition, Quaternion itemRotation) (at Assets/Plugins/PoolingSystem.cs:111)
Player.Update () (at Assets/GalacticCollector/Scripts/Player.js:174)

thats my full spawn bit:

var pipeToSpawn : GameObject = pipe[(Random.Range(0,pipe.Length))];
pipeSpawner = poolingSystem.InstantiateAPS(pipeToSpawn.name, Vector3(0,0,pipePosition+50), Quaternion.identity);
pipePosition += 400;

No. The physics engine assumes colliders without a rigid body never move. It does some batching that makes them faster. But when you move them the whole batching has to be redone.

Try adding a rigid body set to kinematic and see what happens.