[SOLVED] Problem rendering prefab model in game

I created a prefab with an fbx model and some other components like scripts etc.
I can drag and drop the prefab into the scene view and I can see the model just fine…it even animates. If I open the game I still see that prefab that I dropped into the scene.

But when I try to instantiate the prefab using a c# script I do not see the model. Not even the labels that are supposed to appear above the object’s head show up.

Why does this happen?

Click the root of the player & under the skin mesh renderer check update when off screen 34310-untitled.png

Maybe check the gameobject’s layer and make sure it’s not being modified by code and now being culled by the camera?

Solved: the mesh, bones and camera had to be realigned with each other since they were all children of the same game object.