[SOLVED] Remove Vector3 Array step by step when GameObject spawned

I store positions of gameobjects in Vector3 array like this

public Vector3[] objectPositions;

To spawn gameobject I use this variable

 public GameObject object;

I can spawn my object which stored in objectPositions array.

And from here the game is going to loop and spawning a lot of objects till to unity crash.
The question is:

I want to spawn object given at certain coordinates at vector3 array and when I spawn object and remove coordinates in vector3 array step by step when spawning objects. I spawn object using “for” loop

for (int x = 0; x < objectPositions.Length; x++) 
     Instantiate(object, objectPositions[x], Quaternion.identity);

     // I want to remove vector3 array step by step when spawning object
     // When object spawns and remove that coordinate at array then spawn the next object and remove
     // the next coordinate till is getting empty the vector3 array

Because if I don’t remove that coordinates at vector3 array and objects spawn till crash. And because of this to stop this loop I need to remove each coordinates at vector3 array when each object spawn. How can I do this

I don’t understand why you should remove the coordinates. If you loop through an array of 10-20-30 entries, it shouldn’t crash Unity, unless you do it on Update.

Anyway, if you really need to remove the entries, consider using a List. Also, you should not use a for loop when removing array elements.

public List<Vector3> objectPositions;

while(objectPositions.Count > 0)
   Instantiate(object, objectPositions[0], Quaternion.identity);