[Solved] Scripts compiling very slow

So, this is mostly to help anyone else who is having this problem, since Unity Answers shows up at the top of most Unity-question related Google searches. I was having a problem where recompiling any script would take 20-30 seconds. I’d change even just a value in the code, and then I’d have to wait 20-30 seconds while the little ‘compiling script’ spinner did it’s thing, and the Unity window would become unresponsive. Certainly a problem when you’re actually trying to do anything.

Anyhow, the problem was being caused by the ‘Real Time Scanning’ function of my antivirus software (McAffe), and turning that off did the trick! Now Unity is back to compiling quickly!

Hahaha, I’m going to answer it! So therefore there’s an answer!
You could try turning off your ‘real time scanning’ on your antivirus software (which I somehow know to be McAffe). That’ll speed it up.