(Solved) SetDestination() only works for Enemy tagged GO, but for the rest, it doesnt (possible unity bug?)?

Hello, i have a script were theres a SerDestination on it. Though the SetDestination only works for gameobjects tagged as Enemy, but for the rest, it doesnt work. When a gameobject is tagged other thing then Enemy, the SetDestination doesnt work (though i already changed the target of the SetDestination to the correct tag), but if i change the exact game object tag to enemy (i also change SetDestination target to objects with tag enemy), it works perfectly. Any help? Is this an possible unity bug?

 agent.SetDestination(GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Core").transform.position); // set new destination, to the core

This code actually works when its:

agent.SetDestination(GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Enemy").transform.position); // set new destination, to the core

Yes, i changed the name of the gameobject and stuff to “Enemy”/“Core”, but still, only “Enemy” works.

Heres the link for a video i made about this glitch

Entire Script:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class SoldierScript : MonoBehaviour {
	public float Speed;						//Character speed
	public int RotationSpeed;				//Character Rotation speed
	public PauseScript pause;				//Pause script
	public string BRName;					//Name of the character in portuguese
	public int Health;						//Health
	public int MaxHealth;					//Max health
	public Rigidbody projectile;			//Projectile that he will be shooting
	public Transform Shooter;				//Were this projectile will be shooting
	public float stopOnDistance;			//Distance of character and enemy that the character will stop
	public float ShootDistance;				//Distance that hes allowed to shoot
	public float shootForce;				//Force of the projectile
	public float reloadTime;				//Delay of the projectile shot
	public Transform target;				//Enemy
	public GameObject particle;				//Particle
	public TextMesh text;					//Health text mesh
	public GameObject Core;
	NavMeshAgent agent;						//NavMeshAgent
	public GameObject[] taggedGameObjects;	//All of the enemys
	private bool reloadNeeded = false;		//Does it needs the delay
	private bool stop;						//Stop for the shot delay (this section is in Update, its necessery so it doesnt over do the Reload)
	private bool stop2 = false;				//Other stop for the healing process(also in update section)
	private bool healing = false;			//Does it need healing (when hes below 30% of health)

	//Create a delay for the shot
	IEnumerator Reload(){
		yield return new WaitForSeconds (reloadTime);
		reloadNeeded = false;
		stop = false;
	//Set a new target
	void GetNearestTaggedObject() {
		taggedGameObjects = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Enemy");
		float nearestDistanceSqr = Mathf.Infinity;
		GameObject[] otherSoldiers = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Soldier"); 
		Transform nearestObj = null;
		for(int c = 0;c<taggedGameObjects.Length;c++)
			Vector3 ObjPos = taggedGameObjects
    			float distancesqr = (ObjPos - transform.position).sqrMagnitude;
    			bool SoldierTargetTrue = false;
    			for(int v = 0;v<otherSoldiers.Length;v++){
    				if(otherSoldiers[v].GetComponent<SoldierScript>().target == taggedGameObjects[c].transform&&otherSoldiers.Length<=taggedGameObjects.Length&&otherSoldiers[v] != gameObject)
    					SoldierTargetTrue = true;	
    			if (distancesqr < nearestDistanceSqr&&!taggedGameObjects[c].GetComponent<EnemyScript>().OnBridge&&!SoldierTargetTrue) {
    				nearestObj = taggedGameObjects[c].transform;
    				nearestDistanceSqr = distancesqr;	
    		target = nearestObj;
    	void Awake(){
    		pause = GameObject.Find ("Character").GetComponent<PauseScript>();
    		agent = gameObject.GetComponent<NavMeshAgent>();
    		Health = MaxHealth;
    		Core = GameObject.Find("Core");
    	//Heal when the soldier is close to the core
    	IEnumerator Heal(){
    		while(Health<MaxHealth&&(transform.position - GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Enemy").transform.position).sqrMagnitude < 20){
    			Health ++;
    			yield return new WaitForSeconds(0.3f);
    		stop2 = false;
    	//Destination setter
    	void SetDest(Transform destination){
    		agent.SetDestination(destination.position); //Set new destination
    		print(agent.destination); // print the agents current destination
    	//Damage receiver
    	public void Damage(int damage){
    		Health -= damage;
    		GameObject part = (GameObject)Instantiate(particle,transform.position,transform.rotation);
    	void Update () {
    		//When its close to the core
    		if((transform.position - GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Core").transform.position).sqrMagnitude < 20&&Health<MaxHealth&&stop2 == false){
    			stop2 = true;
    		healing = true; // So it doesnt move to the target, and yes to the core, to prevent target-core conflicts
    		agent.SetDestination(GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Core").transform.position); // set new destination, to the core
    		text.text = Health + "/" + MaxHealth;
    		text.gameObject.transform.rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(Vector3.forward);
    		transform.position = new Vector3 (transform.position.x,1.0059f,transform.position.z);
    		//stuff you dont need to know about
    		if(Health <= 0){
    		if(target == true&&!healing){// if target is true and its not in state of almost death
    			if((transform.position - target.position).sqrMagnitude > stopOnDistance&&Health>0&&agent.destination != target.position){// if for other stuff
    				//Set destination number 1 (Working), for enemies
    			//And other stuff ou dont need to know about
    			else if(Health>0)
    			if((transform.position - target.position).sqrMagnitude < ShootDistance&&pause.paused == false){
    				Vector3 toTarget = target.position - transform.position;
    				toTarget.y = 0;
    				transform.forward = Vector3.Slerp(transform.forward, toTarget, RotationSpeed * Time.deltaTime);
    				if(reloadNeeded == false){
    					reloadNeeded = true;
    					gameObject.audio.Play ();
    					Rigidbody shot = Instantiate (projectile, Shooter.position, Shooter.rotation) as Rigidbody;
    					for(int i = 0; i<shot.GetComponent<GunScript>().Projectiles.Length;i++){
    						shot.GetComponent<GunScript>().Projectiles*.GetComponent<DestroyPrefab>().g = gameObject.tag;
    						shot.GetComponent<GunScript>().Projectiles*.AddForce (shot.GetComponent<GunScript>().Projectiles*.transform.forward * shootForce);
    		if (reloadNeeded&&stop == false) {
    			stop = true;

And as always, the solution is to remake the script. I discovered, while i was remaking the script, that the:


at line 131, i wasnt asking if healing = false, so he will stop everytime if theres no target. Problem solved!