[SOLVED] Standard Assets has lots of errors

When I imported the Standard Assets, I get lots of errors in the console.
Does anyone also have this?

Can u show this errors? maybe you should update the unity version or remove or correct some scripts. when I imported standard assets I had to delete the water folder

I can’t get to the computer right now, but I am using the most up-to-date version of Unity (2019.3.1f1).
Here are some errors I can think of:

  • “…GUIText is invalid…”
  • Gameobject can’t find AudioSource
  • and there’s something wrong with most of the scripts

Sorry if it is unclear, I will make a update with better information

It is normal in Unity, apparently the developers only made the interface, and the user has to program and fix the errors that they make.

problem fixed here : Unity Standard Assets 2020 | Fixing standard assets error - YouTube