[SOLVED] The High Definition Render Pipeline has compiler errors when creating a new project.

I fixed it by completely reinstalling Unity. I deleted every version of the editor and Unity Hub and every folder related to Unity. It works again now. Something got seriously screwed up before and I’m glad it’s fixed. I hope this helps somebody if they have the same issue!

I have had this issue since Unity 2021.1 and I just can’t seem to fix it. When I create a new HDRP project there are compiler errors such as Library\PackageCache\com.unity.shadergraph@12.1.1\Editor\Generation\Targets\BuiltIn\Editor\ShaderGUI\MaterialAssemblyReference\RawRenderQueue.cs(12,24): error CS1061: ‘Material’ does not contain a definition for ‘rawRenderQueue’ and no accessible extension method ‘rawRenderQueue’ accepting a first argument of type ‘Material’ could be found

Library\PackageCache\com.unity.render-pipelines.high-definition@12.1.1\Runtime\Compositor\AlphaInjection.cs(59,30): error CS0115: ‘AlphaInjection.Cleanup()’: no suitable method found to override

There are 16 errors.

I have deleted the library folder, the packages folder, deleted and reinstalled the HDRP package and it just won’t work. I’m currently trying to use Unity 2021.2 and it stills has the same errors with HDRP version 12.1.1. Any help will be very appreciated!

This is a rational response? Scrub your hard drive on any unity file whatsoever and reinstall everything and hope for the best? I’m not faulting the OP, but you might think the Unity team might take an interest in fixing this? All I did was import the URP package and viola I have to eradicate every unity file on my computer and reinstall everything to even have a hope of actually using it? Really?