[Solved] Trail renderer that fades out at the end?

I thought color might do this, but it doesn’t seem to. I want the trail to gradually fade to nothing rather than abruptly end like it does now. Is this possible?

You use the alpha (A) in the last and/or first color block to fade out the trail.
Trail Renderer

Trail Colors You can cycle your trail
through 5 different color/opacity
combinations. Using colors could make
a bright green plasma trail gradually
dim down to a dull grey dissipation,
or cycle through the other colors of
the rainbow. If you don’t want to
change the color, it can be very
effective to change only the opacity
of each color to make your trail fade
in and out at the head and/or tail.

Particle shaders works best together with the trail renderer.

Certainly. Others have once had the same problem, so they went and created an improved version of the trail renderer, that can fade over time. :slight_smile:

It’s on the wiki, take a look here: