[SOLVED] TrueColor: Performance loss, bigger file size or both?

(Sorry, maybe my English isn´t perfect)
Hi, I think I understood what TrueColor, 16 Bit and Compressed is (Is there a difference between 16 Bit and Compressed??).
But what happens if I change all my textures to TrueColor:
Will the game be more laggy (I am making a game for Android)
Or will the APK (or EXE on Windows) filesize be bigger?

Thanks for your time and answers!

Texture compression is to reduce the pixel quality and reduce GPU load wherever its necessary and make the game run faster.

Use texture compression wherever necessary like texture applied to terrains,mountains leaf(all 3d geometry textures),Use true color for 2D UI elements like sprites,HUD etc

Applying truecolor to all geometries will defnitly make your FPS low and increase the GPU load.