[SOLVED] - Unity 2017, Monodevelop 5.9.6, How to generate method/function definition from just a method call?

I would like to be able to just type undeclaredFunctionCall(23,“cool”), and have Monodevelop auto generate the function definition and place my cursor inside the braces all ready to go…

Is this something missing in Monodevelop 5.9.6 or am I just not doing something right?

Steps I’ve tried:

  • Google searches with Monodevelop 5.9.6 keyword and generate method stub and various other related searches.
  • Tried right clicking on the undeclared method call text. Doesn’t seem to have the option in the context menu.

Any help, much appreciated, please and thanks.

I tried ALT + INS, but it doesn’t appear to be any help