[SOLVED]Unity is pixelated even on Full HD

is this normal? I have 144HZ monitor, low aspect ratio can't be unchecked, I searched everywhere, only way to fix that was to switch my pc scaling from Display Settings to 125% but that made my monitor look too close and bad, is there way to fix it without switching my Display scaling to 125%?

Thanks for reading, I apologize for bad english

6695938--768274--Unity is pixelated.PNG

Is what normal? Fix what? Your screen shot looks fine to me. (Note that you're viewing it at 47%; use the scale slider if you want to see a smaller portion of it at full resolution.)

and maybe just needs antialias:

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Sorry for misunderstanding, I meant that is those jaggy pixelated view normal? I was watching Brackeys Tutorial and to him it was smooth so I thought mine was bad resolution

Thanks, It worked, how can I mark it as Solved?